Skill* Specific * Training


Train for excellence!

Striker Clinic

Develop techniques for finishing in different situations on the field.  Create your opportunities and support your team with the capability to score.

-Heading technique

-Shaping the ball

-1v1 creativity


Defender Clinic 

Develop proper defensive techniques and provide your team with the necessary support.

-Striking technique

-50/50 situations

-Balance, defensive tackles, core strength

Goalkeeper Clinic 

 Develop your instincts and techniques for different situations in the game.

-Arial technique



Midfielder Clinic 

Sharpen your technical ability, develop your vision, see the game in a different way. 

-Passing technique

-Dribbling technique

-Distribution technique

Skill Specialist 

Obtain the knowledge to become a true skill specialist, play every position with confidence. Striker, Defender, and Midfield clinics available 

-$200 per player

-Includes Striker, Defender, and Midfielder clinics

Location: Empowered Sports Club (12124 Lima Rd.)

Cost: $55 per player per clinic (4 training sessions/Clinic) or $20 per day