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Train for excellence!

Striker Clinic (Nov 30-Dec 21)

Learn the when and why of a TRUE STRIKERS movement with/without the ball.  Develop techniques for finishing in different situations on the field.  Create your opportunities and support your team with the capability to score.


Defender Clinic (Dec 28-Jan 18)

Prevent, Power and Patience.  Learn how to become the overall powerhouse for the team.  Stop attackers in their tracks, anticipate the movement of the other team and attack with precision.  Develop proper defensive techniques and provide your team with the necessary support of a TRUE DEFENDER.

Midfielder Clinic (Jan 25-Feb 22) SKIP Feb 1

Learn the ways of a TRUE MIDFIELDER.  Distribute, circulate and set the tempo.  Become the playmaker or become the pacemaker.  Sharpen your technical ability, develop your vision, see the game in a different way!  Create countless opportunities for your team and provide them with the necessary support!

Total Futbol (Nov 30-Feb 22)

Obtain the knowledge for Total Futbol, play every position with confidence. Striker, Defender, and Midfield clinics available 

-$260 per player

-Includes Striker, Defender, and Midfielder clinics

Each clinic includes 4 training sessions

Saturdays: 10-11 am

Location: Empowered Sports Club (12124 Lima Rd.)

Cost: $70 per player per clinic (4 training sessions/Clinic) or $20 per day